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Natural Tips For Your Fall Allergies

Allergies in the fall are often not talked about the way spring allergies are. However, if you're like me, you're definitely feeling those pesky allergy symptoms like itchy nose, eyes and throat, watery eyes, sneezing and stuffiness at this time of the year. The main culprit behind this is ragweed, which is present from around August to the first frost.

So what can naturopathic medicine do to help keep these discomforts at bay? Fortunately, there are many strategies available which range in their effects. Some of them help achieve quick symptom relief while others work by managing the way your immune system overreacts to benign substances such as pollens, dust and dander. Below is the list of my favourite options for allergy sufferers:

1. Nettle tea - this is made from stinging nettle leaves and it can work wonders during this season. I recommend drinking it on a daily basis during allergy season. To save time, you can make a big pitcher of it, store it in the fridge and drink it cold as needed.

2. Nasal irrigation - the use of a neti pot can provide instant relief by rinsing away allergen particles that are sticking on the walls of your nose and sinuses. It can be used not only for allergies but also for colds and sinus infections. The liquid that you can use for rinsing can be plain water, a saline solution or even water mixed with some herbal extracts that may offer additional benefits. Please consult with your naturopath about this.

3. Acupuncture - I often use this ancient therapy for my patients who suffer from nasal congestion and sinusitis as it often provides relief after a short session and allows people to breath better and thus, also sleep better at night.

4. Eyebright - this is a wonderful plant that I often use for those who have eye symptoms such as itching and tearing in addition to nasal and sinus congestion. I often recommend to start taking this before the allergy season begins.

5. Eliminate dairy foods from your diet - this mainly applies to those of you who suffer from nasal and sinus congestion as part of your allergy symptoms. Removing milk, cream, yogurt and ice cream from your diet can significantly reduce congestion within a week.

Please remember that this is not an exhaustive list; it is mainly highlighting some of the main remedies that I have found to be effective in my practice. Thankfully, there are many, many other options available that are often combined in customized care plans for your particular needs.

Hopefully these remedies can help you enjoy the rest of this beautiful season!

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