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Dr. Aida's mission is to create a movement of wellness in our society, where people take control of their health and strive for high standards of health.  She is passionate about working with children from the time they are newborn so that our new generation is capable of full self-expression.  And thus, grow up in a culture of wellness, not disease as we are currently living in our society.   


Are you tired of not getting real answers to your health problems?  Tired of not living your life to the fullest because you’re always tired, in pain, bloated, moody, catching colds all the time, or just not feeling right? 


If you answered yes to these questions, Dr. Aida offers the health solutions you need!  To find out more, book a complimentary, no obligation 15-minute consultation       

Happy Children
Healthy Skin Eczema Services 


Are you seeking a permanent fix for your child's eczema?  


Dr. Aida offers a variety of  natural options that are individualized to suit every type of eczema.  The homeopathic remedies, herbal medicine and nutritional counselling treatments she provides will:

  1. Achieve smooth and beautifully healthy skin.

  2. Solve even the most stubborn cases.

Allergy Busting Services 


Do you want a life without allergies?


Get started today to achieve this dream!  Together, we can achieve this by using 2 main strategies:

  1. Provide symptom relief with nutrition coaching and acupuncture.

  2. Fine tuning your immune system to prevent it from overacting and producing those unbearable symptoms such as sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, runny nose and headaches. 

Smiling Pregnant Woman
Healthy Pregnancy and Beyond 


Having a healthy and positive pregnancy and postpartum experience is possible! Dr. Aida offers many options to guide you through this journey including:


  1. Pregnancy and postpartum nutrition counselling.

  2. Customized supplement plans based on specific stages of pregnancy.

  3. Support for pregnancy-related ailments such as morning sickness, fatigue, hemorrhoids, constipation and heart burn.

  4. Labour support acupuncture.

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